Student Leaders Present Recommendations on Teacher Turnover and Equity Across Schools

SAC Panel at June 2019 Public Meeting

By: Paul Negron, Public Affairs Specialist

Last week, our outgoing Student Representatives Tatiana Robinson (Ballou High School) and Marjoury Alicea (Capital City Public Charter School) joined Student Advisory Committee (SAC) members Hannah Dunn & Aaliyah Dick (both of Wilson High School) to present the end-of-year SAC report to State Board members. During the June public meeting, these student leaders shared highlights from the Committee’s recommendations, which focused on solutions for teacher retention and equity across District schools.

The SAC serves as the voice of students in the State Board’s work and student members are consulted on issues of policy before the State Board. Our SAC met monthly in 2018-19, dividing work into two committees. Throughout the year, SAC members interviewed students and teachers to gain valuable feedback on issues vital to the work of the State Board. Students looked at how to keep more teachers in schools and focused on finding the real reasons behind the inequities in DC schools.

Here are some of the highlights: 

State Board members voted unanimously to accept the report and the SBOE will now officially begin discussions for next steps on the report’s contents.

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