SBOE Stops By Seaton Stingers

By: Kit Faiella, Policy Fellow

On April 19, State Board of Education members Ruth Wattenberg (Ward 3), Joe Weedon (Ward 6), and staff members from SBOE and the Ombudsman’s office visited Seaton Elementary School, located a few blocks northeast of Logan Circle in Shaw. An enthusiastic and multicultural school, the Stingers are a very diverse community of students! The after school coordinator, Ms. Kirkpatrick, was our tour guide and we were joined by prospective parents.

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Seaton has a very progressive approach to technology in the classroom, using a blended learning model starting in Kindergarten. There are also carts of laptops and iPads on each floor of the school, bringing the school very close to a 1:1 ratio for students and computers. There can be more done, however, to achieve that goal of 1:1.

Seaton has also won many recent honors. They hold the honor of the “golden bike” – the prize awarded to schools who had the highest participation in Bike to School Day 2017. We look forward to attending this event on May 9 to see if they can defend their title!

This past November, Seaton were the DC Scores Poetry Slam champions – and they tout a HUGE trophy in their trophy case to show for it! You can read their winning poetry submission here.

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