SBOE Kicks Off the First Meeting of the #DCGradReqs Task Force!

By: Amber Faith, Policy Fellow

SBOE will hold its first High School Graduation Task Force meeting on July 26th and invites the public to observe. The task force is led by State Board members  Laura Wilson Phelan (Ward 1) and Markus Batchelor (Ward 8). Together they lead a task force composed of parents, teachers, students, business leaders, school administrators, and education advocates from across the District!

All task force meetings are open to the public. However, individuals and representatives of organizations are not permitted to speak or participate during task force sessions. In an effort to get more of the public involved with the work of the task force, the SBOE has created a forum on Facebook for the public to join. On the task force Facebook page, the public can post questions and comments on the task force’s work and receive updates on task force meetings and progress. To join the page, click on the link below!

SBOE Graduation Requirements Task Force Facebook Page

We also invite your ongoing participation and input in the following ways:

  • Attend task force meetings and/or view them online
  • Participate in focus groups the task force will convene over the next six months
  • Submit written testimony or information for consideration by the task force by emailing or by filling out this online form
  • Share your thoughts with your elected State Board member or the task force co-chairs, Laura Wilson Phelan (Ward 1) and Markus Batchelor (Ward 8)

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