Farewell from Ward 1 Representative Emily Gasoi

It has been an incredible honor and an incredible learning experience to have served on the D.C. State Board of Education over these past four years—three of them through the pandemic. I appreciate the opportunity to share some highlights in this farewell. In my first year on the State Board, I helped start the WardContinue reading “Farewell from Ward 1 Representative Emily Gasoi”

Farewell to Outgoing State Board Members

The D.C. State Board of Education is the only independent education agency with elected representatives. Board members’ terms are four years and are staggered so no more than five board members are selected in any one election. As we welcome our new State Board members, we would like to recognize and thank our outgoing members.Continue reading “Farewell to Outgoing State Board Members”

Elevating the Hidden Voices of a Community: Equity and Authentic Stakeholder Engagement

By Matt Repka, Policy Analyst In late October, the State Board attended the iNACOL Symposium in Palm Springs, California. iNACOL, short for the International Association for K-12 Online Learning, is a D.C.-area organization that advocates for online, competency-based, and personalized learning opportunities for students. Since 2017, the organization has expanded to focus more broadly onContinue reading “Elevating the Hidden Voices of a Community: Equity and Authentic Stakeholder Engagement”