Advancing Literacy Across D.C., Allister Chang, Ward 2

By: Allister Chang, Ward 2 Representative Ever since being sworn in on January 2nd as a member of the D.C. State Board of Education, I can’t stop thinking about the urgency for literacy among all of our students. Imagine you’re in 4th grade. Your social studies teacher calls on you to answer a question aboutContinue reading “Advancing Literacy Across D.C., Allister Chang, Ward 2”

Farewell to Outgoing State Board Members

The D.C. State Board of Education is the only independent education agency with elected representatives. Board members’ terms are four years and are staggered so no more than five board members are selected in any one election. As we welcome our new State Board members, we would like to recognize and thank our outgoing members.Continue reading “Farewell to Outgoing State Board Members”