SBOE #EdPolicy Roundup: January 2021 – Assessment Data and Tutoring

By Rachel Duff, Policy Fellow In the new year, the D.C. State Board of Education (SBOE) will renew its “Research Roundup” in an effort to increase focus on select education research and policy concepts, specifically to make the implications of this research accessible to all stakeholders in our communities.  This January 2021#EdPolicy Research Roundup featuresContinue reading “SBOE #EdPolicy Roundup: January 2021 – Assessment Data and Tutoring”

State Board Gears up for Vote on High School Growth Measure

By: Paul Negron, Public Affairs Specialist At our April and May public meetings, SBOE members welcomed school leaders and experts from non-profits, local and national education policy organizations, and universities for a discussion on different ways to measure student and high school growth in public schools. Academic growth, the progress a student makes over aContinue reading “State Board Gears up for Vote on High School Growth Measure”

SBOE #EdPolicy Research Roundup: March 2019

By Sara Gopalkrishna, Policy Fellow We’ve been shining a light on teacher and principal retention since October 2018—commissioning a report, hosting a public forum, inviting numerous expert witnesses to our public meetings, and convening a working group. As such, the #EdPolicy Research Roundup: March 2019 features two reports that touch on this important issue. OneContinue reading “SBOE #EdPolicy Research Roundup: March 2019”