SBOE Visit to DCI School

By: Abby Ragan, Policy Fellow Earlier this week, Ward 3 representative Ruth Wattenberg, Ward 4 representative Lannette Woodruff and SBOE staff visited the new campus of DC International School. The group was welcomed by Principal Simon Rodberg and taken on tours of the building by pairs of student ambassadors. The SBOE team was able toContinue reading “SBOE Visit to DCI School”

New SBOE Leadership for 2018

By: Paul Negron, Public Affairs Specialist At this month’s public meeting, the DC State Board of Education (SBOE) elected Ms. Karen Williams of Ward 7 as President and Mr. Jack Jacobson of Ward 2 as Vice President. Both members served in these roles during 2017 and both bring a wealth of knowledge and experience toContinue reading “New SBOE Leadership for 2018”

Millennial Views on Education

By: Maria Salciccioli, Policy Analyst Last week, The Raben Group hosted Dr. Cathy Cohen from the GenForward Project at the University of Chicago at a panel event titled “Millennials and Education: New Research on America’s Most Diverse Generation.” Dr. Cohen presented rich survey data on millennials’ views on a host of education-related issues. (Millennials wereContinue reading “Millennial Views on Education”