SBOE Provides Feedback on Credit Recovery and Personalized Learning Plans

By: Alexander Jue, Policy Analyst In October 2018, the DC State Board of Education (SBOE) was asked by two agencies to submit feedback and comments on a draft policy and a draft research report. The District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) solicited public comment on its draft credit recovery policy that they hope to implementContinue reading “SBOE Provides Feedback on Credit Recovery and Personalized Learning Plans”

Putting #StudentsFirst: Our Vote on Credit Recovery

Credit recovery is supposed to provide students that have already failed a course the opportunity to make up or recover the credit. The regulations submitted to the State Board by OSSE were an attempt to provide statewide guardrails on a chaotic mix of programs, varied interpretations of policies or the complete absence of policies. TheContinue reading “Putting #StudentsFirst: Our Vote on Credit Recovery”