SBOE Weekly Ed Links: 10-27-2018

Success at School

By: Paul Negron, Public Affairs Specialist

Check out the latest in education news and events here in the District and around the nation!

Why are so many DC teachers leaving their jobs? | WTOP

City announces plan to use vacant Shaw site for Banneker expansion | DC Line

Paying it Forward; DC Moms Teaming Up to End Childhood Hunger | Fox 5
Nothing pulls at the heartstrings like the thought of a child going hungry and three DC mothers are teaming up to Pay It Forward by working to solve childhood hunger in the District.

College admission test scores raise warning signs about math achievement | Washington Post
Scores on college admission tests for the Class of 2018 are sending warning signs about math achievement in the nation’s high schools.

Eight Cities – Washington, D.C. | Bellwether Education Partners
Washington, D.C. is a city of paradoxes: It is the capital of a nation that champions democracy, but its own citizens long lacked a democratic vote in their governance. As the seat of power of one of the world’s richest nations, D.C. sees nearly 17 percent of its residents living in poverty, much higher than the 12.3 percent national average.

What Data on the Racial Divide Says About the Washington Region | WAMU
There is a pattern of racial disparity in educational opportunity, attainment and school discipline practices in the Washington region, according to 2015-16 school year data recently released by the U.S. Department of Education and consolidated by ProPublica.

Mayor Bowser Announces Benjamin Banneker Academic High School to Relocate to the Former Shaw Junior High School, Increasing Capacity by 300 Students | Mayor Bowser
Today, Mayor Muriel Bowser and interim DC Public Schools (DCPS) Chancellor Amanda Alexander announced that Benjamin Banneker Academic High School will relocate to the site of the former Shaw Junior High School. In making this announcement, the Mayor also committed to working with the Shaw and DCPS communities to open a new middle school that aligns with the District’s enrollment needs.

How Does School Climate Figure Into State ESSA Plans? | Education Week
ESSA told states they had to pick an indicator of school quality or student success to measure alongside test scores. Most states picked either chronic absenteeism and/or college and career readiness.

New Illinois School Report Cards shift emphasis to student growth: ‘Every student can and does grow’ | Chicago Tribune
New ratings will show up on the Illinois School Report Cards set to be released Oct. 31 as the State Board of Education rolls out a new system for reporting school performance

Nearly 30 Percent of Teachers Are Chronically Absent. How Rhode Island Is Using ESSA to Move the Needle | 74
About 28 percent of America’s public school teachers, or roughly 900,000 educators, are missing more than 10 days of school a year, making them “chronically absent” by federal government standards. At least one state — Rhode Island — is tackling teacher chronic absenteeism by incorporating it into its ESSA plan as a measure of school accountability.

Should Student Behavior Be Factored Into Teacher Evaluations? Study Says Yes. | Education Week
Determining teachers’ impact on test scores isn’t enough to measure effectiveness—policymakers must also look at how teachers affect their students’ behavior.

FAQ on Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Students in K-12 Schools | Human Rights Campaign
What schools need to know about transgender and non-binary students.


10/29: Fifth Annual Graduation Pathways Summit
10/31: Webinar: Using Data to Understand Educators’ Experiences

11/1: Public Hearing on B22-0951, the “School Safety Act of 2018″
11/2: First Fridays Tour to Inspired Teaching Demonstration PCS
11/5: SBOE Student Advisory Committee Meeting
11/7: SBOE Working Session
11/7: DC Public Schools Announces Public Budget Hearing for FY20
11/8: Inflated grades: What Happens When Report Cards Lie
11/8: Deputy Mayor for Education Paul Kihn Confirmation Resolution of 2018
11/8: At the Breaking Point: How to Better Compensate and Support Teachers of Our Youngest Learners
11/13: SBOE ESSA Task Force Meeting
11/13: Office of the Student Advocate Ward 5 Special Education Workshop
11/13: Taking the Long View: State Efforts to Solve Teacher Shortages by Strengthening the Profession
11/14: SBOE Monthly Public Meeting
11/13-15: SEF’s 2018 “The Politics of Equity” Forum
11/15: Public Roundtable on The District of Columbia Public Schools’ Plans for Shaw Junior High School Campus and Benjamin Banneker Academic High School
11/16: Capital City Tour
11/28: 2020 Vision: Education Policy & Politics Beyond the Midterms

12/12: DCPS Budget Engagement Community Forum

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