SBOE Weekly Ed Links: 08/03/2018

By: Paul Negron, Public Affairs Specialist

Check out our rundown of the top education news and events this week in the District and around the country!

The Progressive Happy Hour: Young People, Young Leaders | PFAW

Major Changes Planned By Department Of Education | WAMU
The Education Department unveiled a plan to rewrite and roll back important rules that govern colleges and their accrediting agencies. The department says it wants to reduce obstacles to innovation, but critics worry this will lower school standards and hurt students.

How History Classes Helped Create a ‘Post-Truth’ America | The Atlantic
The author of Lies My Teacher Told Me discusses how schools’ flawed approach to teaching the country’s past affects its civic health.

Here’s some advice for CPS’ future Chief Equity Officer in year one | Chalkbeat
On Wednesday, the Chicago Board of Education is expected to vote on CPS’ 2018-19 budget, which lists a new four-person Office of Equity as a $1 million line item. The board also plans to vote on a proposed revision to its student code of conduct to help address racial disparities in suspensions.

Teachers Weigh in on Pay, Safety, School Choice, and Evaluations in New Survey | EdWeek
In a year marked by teacher activism and demonstrations, educators are urging policymakers to listen to them. Now, a new survey details teachers’ opinions on more than a dozen education issues.

Why America’s Top Charter Schools Are Looking Beyond the High School Diploma to Better Track and Support Alumni Through College Graduation | 74
Whereas many districts focus primarily on high school graduation rates, there is now a commitment among many charter leaders to look beyond that first diploma and to focus more attention on measures of college persistence and completion.

Donald Trump Signs First Major Education Policy Bill of His Presidency | EdWeek
In a watershed moment for his administration on education policy, President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, the first legislation Trump’s signed that makes significant changes to federal education law itself.

Embracing Flexibility Provided by ESSA, Louisiana First to Pilot New Innovative Assessments | Ed
U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos today announced that Louisiana will be the first state to test new, innovative assessments as part of a pilot program authorized by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

With Nearly 8 Million Students Chronically Absent From School Each Year, 36 States Set Out to Tackle the Problem in New Federal Education Plans. Will It Make a Difference? | 74
Every school day, teachers across the country take attendance. And every year, about 16 percent of students miss at least 15 of those days.

Five-Star Reviews Are Coming To D.C. Schools. Now What? | WAMU
From Yelp to Amazon, five-star reviews are on just about everything. And now they’re coming to public schools in D.C. Starting in December, local schools will be rated on a scale of one to five, based on exam scores, student growth during the year, absenteeism, how well they support English Language Learners and other factors.

Can schools be fairly ranked on a five-star system? D.C. is about to try. | WaPo
The highest-performing public schools in the District could soon boast they are city-approved, five-star campuses. And the lowest-performing schools could be stuck with just one or two stars.

Kentucky revamping high school grad requirements | Insider Louisville
Kentucky’s revamped high school graduation requirements will go up for a first reading before the Kentucky Board of Education Thursday, part of a two-day retreat in Frankfort that begins at 9 a.m. today. The requirements align with the state’s current 22-credit policy but add benchmarks to gauge college and career readiness. Graduates also will need to be to demonstrate proficiency in reading and math by the end of their sophomore year.

California high school grad rate drops with new methodology | EdSource
California’s 2017 high school graduation rate dropped slightly from the previous year due to a change in methodology prompted by a federal audit, according to much-delayed data released Thursday by the California Department of Education.

DC ranks poorly in nationwide school study | WTOP
Public schools in the nation’s capital fared poorly in a nationwide ranking of states. On a list, which included all 50 states and the District, D.C. was ranked 49th overall by WalletHub. Only Louisiana and New Mexico fared worse.

These 10 DC schools are making big gains with at-risk students. Why aren’t they more popular? | GGW
When test scores are announced in the District of Columbia, some public schools are high-fliers every year. They’re the schools that families clamor to get into, and they tend to be in the city’s most affluent neighborhoods, where students come to school with loads of advantages. No one is surprised when these schools score well.


Online Credit Recovery and the Path to On-Time High School Graduation | Sage

How Money Matters for Schools | LPI

Bridging the Gap – Professional Development | Frontline

Improving STEM Learning through Collaboration | NASBE

Voices from the Classroom: A Survey of America’s Educators | Educators for Excellence

Upcoming School Open Houses

8/4: A Taste of Inspired Teaching
8/9: East City Book Shop Educator Evening
8/11: 2018 English Learners’ Back to School Fair
8/14: DCPS Chancellor Public Engagement @ Cardozo
8/23: Winners’ Showcase: 2nd SEL Assessment Design Challenge
8/28: DCPS Chancellor Public Engagement @ Savoy Elementary

9/5: SBOE Working Session
9/11: SBOE ESSA Task Force
9/11: DCPS Chancellor Public Engagement @ Brookland Middle
9/20: SBOE Public Meeting
9/20: Former Education Secretary Arne Duncan on “How Schools Work”

10/3: SBOE Working Session
10/9: SBOE ESSA Task Force
10/12: Sharing Our Voice: What Students Think About School Mental Health
10/17-20: NASBE Annual Conference
10/20: EmpowerEd Teacher Voice Summit
10/24: SBOE Public Meeting
10/27: ResearchEd Philadelphia

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