SBOE Weekly EdLinks: 07/15/2018

By: Paul Negron, Public Affairs Specialist

Here’s your weekly rundown of education local/national news and events here in the District.

D.C. Officials Irked by Report of Unlicensed Teachers | Washington Informer

Statement on Mayor’s Veto of School Promotion and Graduation Fairness Emergency Act of 2018 | Markus Batchelor

How 2 Communities in DC, One White One Black, Work Together | Afro

Detroit schools will hire teachers without classroom experience, sparking debate | Chalkbeat
Detroit’s main district is proceeding with a plan to hire teachers who are certified but have received no training in the classroom — adding an element of controversy to efforts to fill hundreds of teacher vacancies by the end of summer.

Indiana State Board of Education approves graduation pathway policy | Fox59
The Indiana State Board of Education (Board) on Wednesday approved policy guidance for Graduation Pathways by a 10-0 vote. The policy guidance will be used by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) and schools across the state to implement Graduation Pathways, which the Board approved in December 2017.

Controversial Discipline Program Not to Blame for Parkland School Shooting, Commission Finds | EdWeek
A controversial school discipline program adopted by the Broward County, Fla., district to reduce student arrests cannot be blamed for the shooting by a former student there, a state commission said Tuesday.

Analysis: ESSA Offers a Real Chance to Drive Real Change in America’s Schools — but Only If We Follow the Evidence | 74
Federal policymakers have been working to reduce massive disparities in educational outcomes for youth in America for 60 years, with disappointing results. Fortunately, the newest iteration in our nation’s quest to address persisting education challenges, the Every Student Succeeds Act, looks very different from past attempts.

5 Things to Know About California’s Final ESSA Plan Following a Year of Discussion & Debate Surrounding the Golden State’s Schools | 74
Here are five things to know about the last leg in California’s journey to win approval — and the roughly $2.6 billion in federal dollars it means for the state each year.

Access to Technology in DC Public Schools Is Deeply Unequal | Washington City Paper
At some public schools, technology access is so limited that students barely get to use computers to practice for the computer-based test. And some schools report having equipment so old that staff are afraid to let children use it before the test, in case the precious computers break

In first-ever veto, Bowser rejects diploma reprieve for chronically absent students | WaPo
D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) this week rejected emergency legislation that would have allowed high school seniors who missed more than six weeks of class to graduate — her first-ever veto.

Public Charter School Annual Financial Analysis Released | PCSB

Writing the Rules for Tackling Chronic Absenteeism | FutureEd

Shopping for Public Schools in the District of Columbia | DC AuditoR

Disciplined and Disconnected – How Students Experience Exclusionary Discipline in Minnesota and the Promise of Non-Exclusionary Alternatives | Center 4 Promise

A Nationwide Look at Teacher Perceptions of Feedback and Evaluation Systems | Rand

Upcoming School Open Houses
7/16: Grosso Education Town Hall Ward 2
7/17: Ward 4 DCPS Chancellor Discussion
7/18: Grosso Education Town Hall Ward 7
7/18: 4th Annual Young African ConneXions Summit
7/19: DC Public Schools (DCPS) Policy Feedback on attendance, student promotion, secondary grading, and graduation reguatations
7/19: Ward 6 DCPS Chancellor Discussion
7/24: Grosso Education Town Hall Ward 5
7/25: Grosso Education Town Hall Ward 3
7/26: Can Charter Schools Survive Polarization and Populism?
8/14: Former Education Secretary Arne Duncan on “How Schools Work”
10/12: Sharing Our Voice: What Students Think About School Mental Health
10/20: EmpowerEd Teacher Voice Summit



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